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All photography by Jared Shute

Logo & About Us background designed by Kerishma Narayanasamy


Nu House Studios was officially founded in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, during the summer of 2019 - but we've been working together for much, much longer.

Aki McCullough (she/her) and I, James Goldmann (he/him), met back in 2008 at our local summer music camp. We almost immediately struck up a tight friendship forged in a shared love of extreme music - her a bit more than me, but I was quickly converted.

Since then, the two of us have shared the stage in many bands, created a metric ton of music, and learned an incredible amount about each other and ourselves - all while growing a robust shared knowledge of music production & composition.

Aki heads up Nu House Studios as our lead engineer and producer. With a degree in audio engineering from University of Miami, her proficiency with all sounds extreme, delicate, and everything in between is unmatched in Central Massachusetts.

She is available for all your engineering, production, mixing and mastering needs. Some of her recent favorite works include the master of Victory Over the Sun's 'Nowherer,' the full production of Aron Speer's 'Any Color I Like,' and the production & mix of her own project Vivid Illusion's self-titled record.

James is the other half of Nu House Studios and offers many of the same services, but focuses on providing a more raw, less polished product with an extremely fast turnaround. He also specializes in session drum composition and recording - if you need high quality beats or blasts on your new project, look no further.

His favorite works include the totality of his project A Constant Knowledge of Death's 'Vol. III.A' through 'Vol. III.D,' the drum composition & tracking on Mother Mammoth's upcoming first album, and the master of Vivid Illusion's self-titled record.

Raven is our manager and resident goblin. She provides the unquestionable loyalty only a sphynx can, and is readily available for emotional support during your toughest sessions. She also handles all our finances, and screams a lot.

Nu House Razorblade Vector White.png
Nu House Razorblade Vector White.png
Nu House Razorblade Vector White.png

If you would like to work with either of us on your next project,

please email us at

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