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Every project is unique and requires different amounts of time and resources depending on your needs and budget.
With that in mind, our rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.
Please email us at with as much detail as possible regarding your project, or fill out the contact form below.

We will open up a conversation about what services you would like us to perform, a projected timeline and cost.

We offer studio time in both a remote and in-person capacity. Please read the following about each.


If you would like to send us multi-tracks to produce, mix, or master, or you are looking for session work, please contact us via email or the form below.

We will respond with how to send us your multi-tracks and everything else we require.
You are welcome to join us during our session via Zoom -  you can listen in and provide feedback as we work (schedule permitting).

We are available for session drumming, violin, trumpet, mandolin and more.
We are also available for composition and production consultation.




If you would like to come and record with us in our studio, please contact us via email or the form below.

We will endeavor to fit you in our schedule at your earliest convenience.

In the interest of mutual respect and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have some rules regarding our space.
The following is a list of things you can expect from us, and a list of things we expect of you.


  • We will clean, sanitize and set up the downstairs studio 48 hours in advance.
    We will not enter the downstairs studio without a mask that covers both our mouths and noses 24 hours before your session.


  • We will provide you with one KN95 mask per person entering the studio (but you are welcome to bring your own).

  • You are welcome to use any of our listed equipment, which we will clean for you upon request.

  • While we have our preferred mics for various recording situations, if you would rather us use something else in our arsenal, we will gladly oblige.

  • We will endeavor to work at your pace - as quickly as you want to go, or with as many breaks as you need.



  • Care about what you're creating. The more you care about what you're making, the more excited we are to help you make it.

  • A maximum of 3 members are allowed in the downstairs studio at one time to maintain safety and proper social distancing guidelines.
    Other members are welcome to wait on our patio or join us remotely via Zoom (as described above).


  • Members in the downstairs studio are required to wear masks that cover both their mouths and noses at all times.

  • All cigarette or meal breaks must be taken outside of the downstairs studio. Beverages are acceptable inside as long as they are covered.

  • You must treat our gear and instruments with respect - any broken or damaged pieces must be replaced on your dime.

  • We value your time and expect you to value ours - a small deposit may be required to reserve your place on our calendar.
    Cancelations or reschedules must be made at least 48 hours in advance to receive a refund.
    Any cancelations within 48 hours of your session will result in a forfeiture of your deposit, and a new deposit will be required for rescheduling.


  • We are a safe space and are intolerant of any form of hate speech, including, but not limited to, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and misogyny.
    Any language or comments reflecting such will be met with a warning.
    Repeated comments will result in an immediate cancelation of your session, forfeiture of any deposit and payments made thus far, and destruction of all recordings.


If you would like to contact us about setting up a remote or in-person session, or have any questions regarding our studio policies, please email us at, or fill out the contact form below.