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Our fully treated control room is built to handle your most complex and track-heavy projects with an excellent monitoring system from

Focal, KRK, and Avantone, and crystal-clear D/A conversion via Antelope Audio.

With a curated selection of high-grade rack compressors, EQs, and multi-effects, plus an arsenal of some of the best plugins from

Waves, Native Instruments, iZotope and Slate, Nu House Studios promises to deliver a product that will satiate

even the most discerning ears.

Our services include production, mixing, mastering, and any combination thereof.


Every project is unique and requires different amounts of time and resources depending on your needs and budget.
With that in mind, our rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.
Please email with as much detail as possible regarding your project.

We will open up a conversation about what services you would like us to perform, a projected timeline and cost.

Depending on the scope of your project, we may require a portion of the quoted cost as a deposit up front.

All quotes include up to two major revisions - we will send preview versions of our work for you to review.

We limit the number of included revisions to make sure your product is completed in a timely manner,

and to encourage revision notes to be as lengthy and thorough as possible.

Additional revisions may cause an increase in final cost.

Once all revisions are complete and you have approved the previews, the final product will be delivered upon payment.

Please read the following about our production, mixing and mastering services.


Production services include taking your raw multi-tracks and processing them to mix-ready quality.

Mixing takes produced multi-tracks and fits them all together into a beautiful final product that is ready for mastering.

Production & mixing services usually go hand-in-hand, but we are happy to provide whatever you require.

If you would like us to produce and mix your project, please export RAW multi-tracks as 48k 24bit .WAV files.

If you would like us to mix your already produced tracks, please export your produced multi-tracks in the same format.

If you have created a reference mix on your end, we would also gladly accept that to give us direction.

Upload your files to a Google Drive folder and share them with

You may also send them via a large-file transfer service, such as WeTransfer or MediaFire.

Please do NOT send us .mp3s - there are very few situations in which .mp3s meet quality standards that would provide an acceptable final product.

If this is your first time exporting multi-tracks, or you need a refresher on how to do so, please refer to the following walkthroughs:







Mastering is the final process in the production of your project.

This service takes your mixed tracks and puts on the final touches that ensure a polished, clean sound,

optimized for consistent playback across all formats and systems.


We offer mastering for all playback formats, but also provide specialized masters for your particular needs.


Digital mastering is intended for offline playback on digital media players, such as via a computer's media player after download, or on a CD.

Playback in these formats typically do not add any additional signal processing or loudness normalization.

It is desirable to apply a healthy amount of limiting and an increase in gain while retaining the dynamics and clarity of your mix.


Vinyl playback is more susceptible to unwanted distortion that would not occur in digital playback.

A vinyl master aims for slightly lower target gain than digital formats, reducing said distortion and allowing the record room to breathe.

We also take special care to reduce high frequency harshness and excessive vocal sibilance.

These tend to present themselves unpleasantly on a record player in ways that would not occur in a digital setting.


Streaming services use a variety of signal processing algorithms that serve two main purposes:

  • Audio compression (to reduce data size)

  • Volume normalization (to ensure all releases play at a similar perceptual volume)

These processes typically involve lowering the volume of loud masters and raising the volume of quiet ones.

This makes it more desirable to master quieter to compensate for said algorithms.

Creating a streaming master includes using plugins to simulate the output of the world's most popular streaming platforms.

This helps us calculate the potential volume reduction, allowing us to master with sufficient gain, but without reducing dynamic range. 

If you would like to contact us about producing, mixing or mastering your next project,

please email us at

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